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New series

Hey guys,

I wanted to give everyone a notice that i started a new series on my channel, where i will be uploading videos from LoL.

These videos won't be gameplay commentary videos or whatsoever. These videos are gonna include epic moments in game, for example some nice penta kills, baron steals, epic flashes and epic kills, weird bugs and much much more. This is only for now, but when my channel grows a bit more, im gonna start doing gameplax commentaries , skin spotlights, and much more

Currently i uploaded 3 videos in past 3 days and i want to continue uploading them , so that my channel gets active, but i don't have my own material , so i need your help. All of you who would like to be featured in next video you can send me your replays at , and just don't forget to make time stamp when will action happen and what kind of action it is.

Thanks for reading , and please please please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, it means a lot to me and you are helping me grow.


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