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L2Synergy | Grand Opening 14-9-2012

Official Features:

* 50x SP / 200x Adena / 1x Drop / 7x Spoil
* All areas working,
* All skills working,
* Olympiad working,
* Geodata working,
* Fusion skills working,
* 7-Sings working,
* Clan system working,
* Augumentation system working,
* Single and party duel working,
* Cursed weapons working,
* Castle sieges working,
* Clan Hall sieges working,
* 24 buff slots,

Custom Features:

* Ant Queen and Zaken level 80,
* Buffs are 1 hours, except COV/POW/POF/POW that are retail,
* Most of spawns protected (peace zone / silence),
* NPC Buffers (all 2nd class buffs/dances/songs for free),
* Global Gatekeepers (all teleports are free),
* Auto learn skills (you get skills after reaching right level),
* Anti Buff Shield (toggle skill that blocks all unwanted buffs),
* Giran as shopping zone (all needed NPCs can be found there),
* Class Changer can be found at Giran to change your 1nd , 2nd and 3rd class,
* Still under construction
* Epic raids will be available after 1 week after live. ( Epic raids respawn will be 2 times faster than retail ),
* Heroes will be elected by olympiad every 2 weeks ,
* There is no EXP penality for leveling lowbies,
* Stay tunned for more updates .

Last Updates that we made.

We have added on " Quest Manager" Subclass and Nobless
-Subclass: For subclass you need 200kk adena
-Nobless items are on npc . (lunargent is 200kk and hellfire oil is 250kk).
*Buffers added in :Aden/ Rune/ Goddard/Giran
*Misc Shop added in : :Aden/ Rune/ Goddard/Giran
* GateKeeper added in every town.

Website :
Forum :


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