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SK leadership, why u so ignorant?

Dont get me wrong here, i just want to see SK team where it deserves aka among the best of the teams.
The past 6 months or so LoL team isnt quite performing as a pro team.

I was expecting SK leadership would identify the problem months ago. but it doesnt seems like it.

Ever since Wickd left team the problem was kinda obvious , followd by Snooped then Candy and Dedrayon, now this. Whats next? Gonna let Nyph (best played on SK ever by far) leave too ?

Is Ocelotes image and popularity more important For SK than being good at what they do ?
Is few banner advertices worth to have a mediorce mid lanner and by far the worst leader on a team (both in game and managing).

Do your organisation and the fans a favor let Ocelote go, so SK LoL team can climb up again amongst the top teams.

-A fan


SK.LoL is among a good team. Even their management is good anyway. SK.LoL know who they choose. Maybe we dont know about their management. TQ :D


Ocelote is among of best player. SK choose what they know.. If you are team leader, you maybe know who is the best line up for your team.


he needs to stop changing players


I did not understand this already for quite some time, but i believe ocelote has some sentimental value for the SK organization. But yeah, SK has not won any big title in a long time and i do not believe they will even get remotely close to winning one in the near future, wich is sad.

League of Legends is THE game atm and has been for quite some time. There is so many people playing it and so many teams competing for a piece of the pie. During season 1 , there was not as many good teams out there as there is now and my believe is simply that there was a lack of good teams out there wich made teams like fnatic and sk being able to compete with the best. Now this is not possible anymore, and for a organisation like SK gaming to have a team wich is not competing with the best is a bit sad.

I am totally positive that the management knows what they are doing otherwise SK would not be the SK it is now. But hey don't believe my word for it. Just let the awards speak for themself.


i think with kevin they got a good top liner for SK. Rekkles is good AD too but he cant join team cause he is just 15 and cant go on any lans. There botline with yellowstar and nyph is nice i guess but i think ocelote is not good for the team to get on a higher level.


HeoXx wrote:
Im curious when will SK's management realize the real problem inbetween their lolteams success. After Wickd's and Snoopeh's leave the team has gone downhill. They've been trying to fix the problem by switching players on everylane, except for one lane, and yes everyone knows what lane im talking about, the beloved middle lane, Ocelote.

This guy is cocky, and is overwhelming in his own popularity, keeps denying his own mistakes and puts the blame on someone else all the time. Even on soloque, he keeps complaining about his own team, even tho he goes himself on a total rampage and trolls the hella outta everything, he's even that ignorant, that he doesnt realize for himself that he's trolling other players.

I've wanted to say this to the league community for a while now, because it makes me sick to look at his behaviour, how he treats his own teammates, and opponents in competitive play. This is just not how a well-known player should behave, and he shouldnt even be the captain of a well known organization, which have had a great past and probably a bright future.

Dunno how much butts he's been licking through, since he hasn't been "noticed" to be the problem for ages now. No, im not a hater, i just want to see a good organization get what they deserve, and not deny the real problem like this.

Stop looking for a new member to the toplane, bottom or in the jungle, they havent been the problem pretty much ever. Think of Wickd and Snoopeh, why are they apart from SK, and at the moment known as one of the best teams in europe, even in the whole world. Just like Candy Panda said, he felt embarrassed when SK was thought as one of the best teams in the world.

Im done with my post, i gladly answer to questions if u have something to ask about my opinions.

Feel free to give me all the hate or support u wish to share.

And please, dont downvote me because i shared the truth, at last.

OMG!! too much truth here!


PD: U only need to see a couple of games in the ocelote`s stream, n u will notice that he is the problem of SK.


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