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ParadokS' wishlist


An IRC bot for #quakeworld channel that relay all official results from all tournaments and newsposts from various sites and new forum topics.

The bot jezeaja(?) created back in the day to search servers for players or group of players using !QW FP player should be implemented into serve-me bot. It had a homepage connected so you could make an account with search words and a password.. like !qw sr would search for a list of players assigned to the sr alias - this list i could modify on the homepage using a password I was provided with.

I know the bots HLDS and Krulowafal has these features somewhat implemented. Perhaps some of the kurwas running those bots could step up and help out :)

A tournament site where we can create our own tournaments with various systems (league, seedings, groups, single elim, double elim, ladder). This way it's easier to create online and LAN tournaments independent of EQL. Could provide more activity and diversity in the scene.

Duelmania Nations revived. This was a great project that involved a lot of localized community activity. With customized gfx for each nations site and native language used there. The follow up tournament for this had the winners or top players from each country battle it out in a top player tournament at the end. Was epic, what happened to this?

Where can we find duelmania "site" so we can do this again? There was also some where people could customize colors/fonts/banner and such pretty easy.

FFA servers in every country, with bots on them using various map packs.
FodFFA + frikbot was recommended, but I don't know how to set it up sad
But I can provide a lot of nice map packs. Since I am processing most of the maps for the maps.qwnu project I list all the nice/interesting maps I come across. The list is already pretty comprehensive.

The latest ezquake comes with VOIP - NICE!
... oh except, you can't use it if you are on qwfwd.. bleh?
I guess we are still stuck with mumble/teamspeak/ventrilo. I hear mumble is opensource and the latest version can record sessions.
I would REALLY like some auto record function that would start to record a session when countdown of match began. Much like auto demo recording works.

I guess this would cut work down CONSIDERABLY making live commentary sessions available post games (immediately actually) after big games. So we don't have to wait weeks for them be processed, edited etc.
And could also be fun to revisit some games with voice without having to worry about syncing. Since it would work kind of like "subtitles".. If a file with same filename as demo was present, you would have option to play with voice or without

What is your wishlist?




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