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General gaming setup preferences?

Hey guys,

I've seen / followed some of your success on youtube and I'm fairly acquainted with some of your players in terms of their playstyle in CS and in quakelive (for example Rapha). Now as I'm a competitive player myself, focusing mainly on Battlefield games at the moment, I'm really curious as to what you hardcore, oldschool gamers - true SK elite think is the best setup overall.
I personally started playing quake 3 and CS already in 2001, but as technology has advanced and as I didn't play much at all during 2006-2009, I kind of missed the overall transitions in trends of technology of gamers.
Granted that I'm an IT student and a dedicated gamer, I know quite a bit about hardware and what make for a good gameplay, but would just like to hear your opinions out of interest. I'm posting this here as I think it is most relevant to Quake, but naturally be applied elsewhere.

- Crt vs LCD = do you guys still play on CRTs? Is there a huge difference between 5ms and 1-2ms on LCDs ? I myself own a 3ms GTG 1680x1050 samsung 120 hz monitor and I'm rather pleased with the performance. However, how would you compare that to a CRT performance in absolute terms.
- Higher or lower resolution? There are clearly some advantages in playing on for example 1280x1024 resolution, as there are cons. Same goes with higher HD resolutions like 1920x1080.
- ADSL or VDSL/Fibre optic connection? What has better ping? What is more quick/prompt/suitable for games that require fast reaction time?
- Low fov or high? Clearly there are advantages again to both. I, being more of a high FOV guy, have never really felt the need to go low.

These are some of thoughts or question in this. Feel free to answer any of them, discuss them or even add some!

Thanks for your time and awaiting the input of the "elite" of this clan / community!


I'm really curious as to what you hardcore, oldschool gamers - true SK elite think is the best setup overall.[url=][/url]


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