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CSN EMD Quakelive TDM Tournament

With QuakeCon 2011 coming up soon and the official announcement being made that Team Death Match will be the chosen team gametype, Cyber Sports Network is proud to announce our a series of TDM Events prior to QuakeCon. For those planning on attending QuakeCon this year, these Cups will be a perfect warmup and for those that just wish to get into some, long awaited, TDM action in North America... this is your chance!

This event will feature Three (3) Qualifying cups, with each cup worth a measly $50.00 to the winning team, but more importantly each team that plays in the event, plays their matches and those that win will be rewarded points. After the Three (3) Qualifying Cup, the points will be tallied and the Top 4 Teams will advance to a single Group, Round Robin Group stage with the top 2 from that advancing to the E.M.D. TDM Championship!

All specific rules, settings and additional format information will be released by tomorrow.

There is one rule that all teams should be aware of at this point though..

All teams that wish to gain points by participating in each of the Qualifying Cups will be required to retain their team name and have at least 2 of their starters remaining with the team. Teams will not be allowed to completely change out their rosters from one Qualifier to the next and still gain points based on their initial team 'name'.

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