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Who's the best player ?

I'd say Rapha :)

You ?




Boozywoozy wrote:

I don't know "You" :)




Noctis and Rapha are both really strong at the moment, but theres players like Fox, Cypher & av3k that you cant really write off.


Rapha & Cypher but I would really like to see stermy back in shape ^_^




me :P

i dont play this shit 5 or 6 years xD pwng mby all same in today

this is a aim games


cypher. unquestionably


Boozywoozy wrote:
VincentMarcoux wrote:
Boozywoozy wrote:

I don't know "You" :)
me neither, but hes the best :)

stop spamming u jerk. rapha > noctis. cypher is actually getting at the top slowly


-remedy \o/


Rapha & stermy


Rapha - ATM
CZM - All time


cypher is fun to watch, his playing style, his aim.
cooller is now really good player for map control and manipulate his opponents
fatal1ty is legend:D
rapha is strong but boring to watch






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