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CSS more attractive in 2009?

Last on I saw that the EPS-UK does'n have CS 1.6 in the Pro Series. Do you think CSS became more attractive this year or do you think CS 1.6 will stay on TOP for some years more!



I think css comes up. That's my opinion ;p


1.6 is best :)


yeah we will see :)


1.6 scene here (slovakia) is slowly dying, maybe css is future and maybe with promod ... we will see ...


barto82 wrote:
I agree CSS will a bit come up, but 1.6 will stay the most famous version of CS. The closing of CGS wasn`t good for CSS, lots of team came back to 1.6.

CGS was badly planned, but agree


yes I think that cs 1.6 will stay on tp there are more people playing it and for me I think it is harder than cs:s


should do


just like i would say it =D


In my opinion 1.6 will stay on top as SK and other famous clans play it. CSS will get more players tho since it's more and more popular with all the "kids". Ofc other than kids play it but.. You know what I mean. Every 10 year old kid knows what cs is but they still don't know 1.6. BAIIIIII.


I think C:SS will be the most famous Counterstrike in the future.


Cs 1.6 best :D


I think CSS will attract more players cuz lately I've seen many 1.6 players convert too CSS but, you never know either they will go back and the numbers will still be kinda small in CSS. But you can always hope for the best :)


CSS takes the "feeling" out of 1.6 and beta.

New generation, new games.

So it should be good :)


Don't think CSS will ever be a reasonable e-sport game


Nao wrote:
Cs 1.6 best :D

Do you read the title of the topic? this is not a A vs B.


CSS is more populary then CS in public!


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