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The Godfather

What do you guys think about this movie ?
This is my favourite mafia movie.

What is your favourite Godfather movie ?


The Godfather the best of the Best !!!


good movie.. but overrated... but good :)

my fav is part 2


ye, part 1 & 2 are quite equal in awesomeness imo. both are two classic movies which everyone should have seen! part 3 was a bit of a letdown unfortunately.


part 3 is the only one that isnt overrated but rather underrated though


Part 3 was horrible in comparison to part 1 and 2.

The Godfather I & II were both brilliant movies. Best of their kind and probably best all around. One movie also worth mentioning if you're into mafia movies is Goodfellas, i'm pretty sure if you've seen Godfather, you've seen goodfellas :)


the 3rd part only gets bashed because it came out much later tbh

its not far worse than the other 2

and yea i have


epic movie which everybody should have seen atleast once!


Ye, i think so too. :)


to be brief: it's an offer you can't refuse.


im al neri irl


you're a real pezzo novante then.


The Godfather is one of the best mafia movies ever. I once rented all the 3 Godfather movies for a weekend and watched them all in a row. They made me an offer i couldnt refuse...xD
Actaually almost all mafia movies are good... like theres something special about them:D


you must see

Once Upon a Time in America
The Untouchables
Carlito's Way
The Departed

they are all good !!!



true "old" mafia movie, now this is not like this.




I love Part I & II, the 3rd is less good than the other.

If you like The Godfather, watch CASINO from M. Scorsese, one of the best mafia movie !


Oh i didn't see what Kouby wrote. I'm totally agree whith him ! Carlito's Way ROX !


I think part 1 and 2 where the best definetly, part 3 was ok but it just didnt give me the feeling of first two movies.


I liked GF 1 the best, 2 is very good too, 3 is only "ok".


i liked 2nd part !! but i love all the parts ^^ Best film ever !! I watch them in one day ( three parts 9 years before & i've never seen better )


1 part da best =D


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