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Worst Movies Ever?

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer's movies.

need to say more?


The Boll-"things"? ;)


ye well i rather watch boll movies than these date movie, epic movie, meet the spartans, disaster movie....those movies are that bad.


Gigli (2003)


Uwe Boll documentary directed by Uwe Boll.


at least "House Bunny" - okay sex sells, but i hate parodies of good films ( f.g. they imitated the dialog "run forest run" from Forest Gump)


there are several great parodies in my opinion.
f.e. i love spaceballs... ;)


sure, but topic is called worst movies^^
And that was the worst movie parody i've ever seen


bad movie parodies are the ...-movies the last few years came out (epic movie and so on)


is the pilot in the plane


The House of the Dead just suxx, even more than every other Boll movie. Also I just hated 13 Ghosts.

@ adm1r: you mean M. Night Shyamalan and yeah his movie The Happening was pretty bad too




Disaster Movie (2008) by Jason Friedberg &
Aaron Seltzer


Pretty much any of those idiotic "feel good movies" - Step up 2,Never back down.
Woah, Thanks for giving me the strength and motivation to believe in myself, Hollywood. I would rather chew glass then sit through that shit.


Big night (1996) by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci


am.. Romatic movies.


Disaster movie was the last movie which got the "OMG THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER!" -comment by me.

I fast forwarded half the scene, cos it was just so bad.


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