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Formule 1

Do you watch Formula 1 races?
Who's you favourite? (team/pilot)
Or just discuss races and anything connected with Formula 1.

I'm fan of Ferrari and my favourite pilot is Kimi Räikonnen.

BTW: What do you think about last race in Singapur? For me (as ferrari fan) it was catastrophy :(. But racing at night is really amazing.


Yeah, I'm also fan of Ferrari and Raikonnen.

I must admit that I couldn't stop laughing though when I saw how ferrari's mechanics are running as fast as they can towards Massa and then later carrying it back :D


at this moment I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. Ferrari wants to win the rest of races, so I'm very curious..


Bad night for Ferrari, I mean, how can you possibly get wrong at that level? :D


Ferrari fan since i was in dipers,but this year i they dissapointed me:(.srry to say that but this is the truth.


I watch F1 races irregularly. But my favourite teams are Ferrari and BMW and pilots Massa and Kubica.


I watch F1 race.My favourite team is ferrari and pilot favourite Massa


Felipe Massa


What do you think about the race in Japan?
On czech forums there is discussed an accident between Massa and Bourdais and a penalty for Bourdais. Do you agree with that?


So what do you think about the finish of the final Grand Prix in Interlagos. For me it was heart attack race and unfortunately it ended bad for Massa :(


My favourite team - McLaren
Favourite pilots - Hamilton and Kubica was heart attack race for me too. But it ended well for Lewis!!!!!! I'm really glad!!!!


Alonso time next year! :D


Hope next year Kimi , my favourite, will win!!!!

But next season will be very interesting. Forces of teams can be completely different with new rules.
So maybe we'll have strong toyota or honda and weak mclaren and ferrari. Nobody knows => that's exciting!


Ya damb Love Ferrari as well, can't believe Hamilton won... :( but wd anyway next year Kimi or Massa ftw!!! :P


goo Kimiiiii


team: Ferrari
pilot: R.Kubica


boooring :P all greates crashes you can see at youtube ! whats the point of this race ! a CRASHES!


yeah i watch it and F.Massa is the best for me




Team Honda is for sale!!! Bad news :(


F1 is coming to it's end, with all the new rulings like the change from points to race victories and the single cosworth engine for all teams it wont be long. Ferrari have already said they would leave if the universal engine was introduced, other top teams wont approve of it either.


Kimi maybe Hamilton

Never Alonso!


Kubica !! :D




yep , sometimes.

haha Alonso =)


i like every single racer :)


Ferrari > R.Kubica


of course i watch ;)
fav. team... mm - BMW
fav. driver - vettel!!!!! (besides Hamilton, Heidfeld and Glock)


yeah man I ofc watch this amazing sport more 5 years
My favourites Ferrari and Michael Schumacher !!!
To date Vettel and Kubica !!!


What do you think about Championship 2009 ?


Hamilton Hardly ... Indeed Mclaren conditionally disqualified on 3 GP ... I think this is the right decision taking into account the blame Hamilton and the team!


OK) You made me read more in detail the essence of punishment) thx)
But despite all these circumstances, I doubt that Hamilton would take place above the third!
Last year I would not put an example, because then the Mclaren and Ferrari were the leaders, now other leaders)
Stability have and ForceIndia,but speed not)


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