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2012 What Do You guys think of that movie and do you think the world will end lol?


Need to understand I think there would have already be PANIC in the world if any of it was true... and our scientist would be going ballistic telling us the problem... So no I know its not the end of the world..

But I will state a fact real fast about it, only the Aztec Calender goes to 2012, and the Aztec's on there walls say that the world has restarted 4 times already, meaning it has gone to 2012 4 times, this would be the 5th time.


They make it look like the world also begins in 2012...?!?

I thought apocalypse usually refers to extinction, but slight endangerment.


DarthBotto wrote:
They make it look like the world also begins in 2012...?!?

I thought apocalypse usually refers to extinction, but slight endangerment.

The world restarts, like a clock. After 2012 it goes back to 1, so lets say that 2000 years ago that dinosaurs ruled the world, again im just saying lets just say, even tho we know it is not true. So what the Mayan and the Aztecs think is that. Now that the dinosaurs arnt there any more, they will live again and restart again after 2012. In a way your right it does give LIFE again in there eyes. But it will take 2million years again and things of that. But also the Mayans and the Aztec also have a lot of symbols saying there is Aliens also. If you look at some of there art , the logic is that they are in space ships going up, but we as ppl try to say that they are burying these ppl, but another way of looking at it is that they are going up into space. This takes on a whole other talk to be honest. Its very very interesting stuff to look up. They say there are 20,000 Meteors in our solar system , we only have found 6,000 that we know of that are harmful to the earth, that means there could be a lot more heading our way, also they say in 2012 that our sun will blow up pretty much. If that happens yes our world will end. Its called the Nostradamus Effect.


I agree if its the time for the world to go, its time for the world to go. I think its interesting learning about it, but worrying everyday wont help you. gotta live for the moment fellas :)


I have to admit, having several ancient societies with no connections to eachother whatosoever all pointing to the mathematically-calculated end of the world is creepy.


nothing gonna happend guys ! Dont worry - just drink whiskey and sexxxxxxxxxxxxxx at 2012,12,12 :P


they was talking same bullshit about 2000 and 2002 i think - what happend ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING !


Can't and DON'T believe it :)


but in 2000 y2k was man made, this is something beyond us... this is what the Aztec the Hopi Indians and the Mayans have all come together and said this is whats going to happen. Now all 3 of these have had no interaction with each other. There calendars all end at 2012. I am not saying its TRUE, and I really don't think anything will happen, however I do keep an open mind. It is possible. The Mayans say this is the 5th restart for the earth, that the earth has already gone through this 4 times, going to 2012, then restarting again. Answer me this, why can we find NO Mayan decedents at all? It is as if they all fell off the earth, and no one is one carried the bloodline on. Now if you look at it from a christian point of view, then you cant believe any of this. Because if you have read Revelations in the bible, it is very clear what happens.


one end is another beginning, there is no need to fear.


hmmm , maybe a new world order , but the end of world ...


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