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going to school/college... good or bad!?

lol, i think that is good, but SOO BORING :S


wheLL wrote:
yeah it's so booring, but at 18-19 years old you will think like that "I was stupid that I don't learned when I was at school"...and you will go at college :), so it's no bad if you will not learn when are adolescent beucase all are like that..

yes, i study hard, if not, i didn't understand what are you saying, lol.. :P


Study Hard, go future


Ofc its good!


awesome! finishing college in december 8)


Are you going to college in another state / not in your hometown i guess is the question, because you could be from Euro and I don't know that. If you stay in the dorms or in your own place you will have a blast, now if your going to a college in your hometown and live with your parents, NOTHING wrong with that, saves money to be honest. But the bringing girls home and stuff is a little harder lol ;) Now if your in the dorms or your own place then college can be the greatest time of your life. BUT don't forget to study and do the work, or it can be a BIG waste of money.


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