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Sex or Cs?


you right

Sex 4 eVerrr


im still virgin guyz!!! haha just kidding.




stupid question.................

Counter-Strike Of COURSE


Stupid Question...
SEX...CS...SEX...CS...SEX..CS...hahah :DD


SeX ????


All at once: D


lol what a question, sexxx !


Cs while having sex LOOL j/k

sex ofc xD


Sex lol:) Why do you even ask?:D


it's obvious : those who are havin good sex r choosin it n for those who don't ( or never had one )cs's superior than sex
simple I guess so ;)


zomg Sex ownz CS hard!


Play cs and that moment do sex =D


omg i choose sex
who choosed CS dont have reallife ...


Sex ofc.


siexeN u fuc**ng spammer


sex while play CS xD


Sex xD


Sex Ofc


word @ Anniie

OT: Sex without a seconds hesitation. Hell, I would almost choose something useless such as shit flavoured gum to CS.


If I could choose between playing WCG Final and having sex I would choose the first one :p


maybe sex :) hard problem :o




This is bad question ... xD




sex OFC!


i tought cs and sex is same thing :( not rly.. : D i go with same answer as evryone else


play cs with sex


CS .. Rofl


cs while having sex :o

no joke, sex > all


ur crazyy! :D


SeX =P


freestyle on the bike :!


both ;P use your skillz


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