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The best TV Show is ?

Jerry Springer show c)


the simpsons ! :D




the simpsons / hell's kitchen




prison break


two and half men....
that fat kids owns =.=


bones :)


prison break !


prison break =)


Supernatural, Prison Break and Heroes, no doubt.


dr house


yéah :)



Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, House M.D.


skins ffs.
the daily show, grey's, eli stone, weeds...


prison break ftw. ;D


Prison Break ftw !!


Prison Break for sure.


Malcom with Dweee x)


and rise =D


how i met your mother, lost, prison break, it crowd


24 of course.


That '70s Show


friends 4 ever


Smallville, Supernatural, House M.D., etc.


prison break For eVa


jericho or las vegas


une nounou d'enfer LOL soz ++


Prison Break


Salatut elämät! =D==D


CSI Las Vegas
The Simpsons
That's 70s show


la ptite maison dans la praire lolz soz °++




prison break or south park!




There have been many TV shows that I have enjoyed over the past years:
- Friends (one of my favourite shows of all time)
- Simpsons (also one of the best ever)
- 24 (Seasons 1-2 were the best )
- Prison Break (Seasons 1-2 were the best)
- Heroes (Season 1 was best)
- Scrubs (always fun to watch)
- House M.D. (only watchable if you have some medical knowlesge)
- World Series of Poker (don't know if it counts, but Poker ftw^^)


Дом2 xD


tiMy wrote:
Jerry Springer show c)


Hell's kitchen FTW haha


Haha im a 14 year old,tv is my life!;)
There are a lot of things i watch everyday!everyday i watch i new movie,tv show etc etc....haha so sorry i cant tell what is the best there.... :D
Nice topic btw............ :D




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