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Punk, Ska, Reggae and others

I love punk , ska and similar music styles like psychobilly or garage rock and other music. This thread is for everyone who likes this kind of music. I'd like to make thread, where everyone could write bands, which he/she likes and recommend them to other visitors. I'd like to talk about music, write links to YouTube videos (for example) and thinks like that.

Write anything, what is related to these styles of music.

Personally, I like

punk bands like : Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Lower Class Brats, Gogol Bordello
ska bands like : Ska-P, The Liptones, Derrick Morgan, Streetlight Manifesto, Skalariak and many others
and psychobilly a r'n'r bands like: Mad Sin, The Peacocks, The Creepshow, The Spookshow, The Bones, Angel City Outcasts and more.


Punk & Ska aren't my favourites styles, but they aren't bad. It's quite good music, better than many other styles.
I listen The Liptones sometimes.


One recommendation for everyone from Central Europe:
The biggest and greatest ska festival in the world
homepage: [URL][/URL]
last year's line-up:



Yeah..i know some of these bands : Angelic Upstarts, Discipline, 7 Seconds or 4 Skins
I like Oi! and HC, too but only some bands. I think some of these bands don't have melody in their music.

Nowadays i love Psychobilly music (punk + rockabilly), mostly with upright bass instead bass guitar..really good

try this one


yeah I didn't mention old school punk bands..i like punk77, too

Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Vibrators, ...


punk and ska are my favourites, im a huge gig goer - and dig all kinds of music, however these are my preferred genres. so i'll throw a couple of my fave bands @ u -

dead to me, one man army, dropkick murpheys, the creepshow, streetlight manifesto, ramones, clash, the peacocks, tiger army, horrorpops, the planet smashers, the dead pets, social distortion, the lawrence arms, the falcon, the loved ones, river city rebels, snuff, misfits, flogging molly, leftover crack, etc etc.

below is a list of bands ive seen - theres a mix :D

Guns N Roses, Metallica, Meatloaf, Linkin Park, Taproot, Coheed and Cambria (x2), Marilyn Manson, Finch (x2), Pulse Ultra, Less than Jake (x3), New Found Glory (x2), Bowling for Soup, The Used, Good Charlotte, Face To Face, [spunge], All American Rejects, Slipknot, Sugarcult (x2), System of a Down (x2), Boy hits car, The Donnas, PJ Harvey, Ash (x2), Rancid (x2), NOFX, Queens of the stoneage, Foo Fighters, Run DMC, Eminem, D12, Feeder (x3), (hed)p.e, AFI (x2), Lagwagon, The Polyphonic Spree, The Darkness (x2), Placebo (x3), Andrew W.K, Goldfinger (x2), Weezer (x3), Raging Speedhorn, The Wildhearts, Green Day (x4), Blink 182 (x2), Fenix TX, Idlewild, Jesse James (X2), Snuff, Capdown, Ward C, Lightyear (x2), Pulp, The Hives (x2), Prodigy, The Streets (x2), Puddle of Mudd, Alien Ant Farm, Grand Theft Audio, Fun lovin' Criminals, Papa Roach, Fear Factory, A (x3), Voodoo Glowskulls, OPM, Hundred Reasons (x3), Incubus, The Cult, Travis, Eels, Supergrass, Public Domain, The Shining, Crackout, Easyworld, Amen, The Dillinger Escape Plan (x2), Jane's Addiction, Muse, Sum 41 (x2), no reason, Mest, Rival Schools, The Ataris, Motion City Soundtrack, Reel Big Fish (x2), Thrice (x2), The Distillers, Dropkick Murphys (x2), The Libertines, 50cent / G-Unit, Jurassic 5, Allister, Flogging Molly (x3), Lost Prophets, The Rasmus, Taking back Sunday (x2), Goldie lookin' chain, The Music, The Futureheads, The Bled, Hiding with Girls, Alexisonfire (x2), The God Awfuls, The Bouncing Souls (x2), Fightstar (x2), Streetlight Manifesto, The Peacocks (x3), stzd, Captin Everything (x2), A Static Lullaby, Bullet For My Valentine, 5ive, Funeral For A Friend, Freaks Union, Murphys Law, Dead Line, U.S Bombs, The Filaments, Agnostic Front, The Exploited, Send More Paramedics, Gratitude, My Awesome Compilation, Johnny Panic, MXPX (x2), The Misfits, Liberty X, Honeyz, Westlife, Adequate Seven, The Fight (x2), Blood Roses, Johnny Truant, Sun Shine, Mike Park, Second Street, Beef, Spice Girls, Alkaline Trio, The Starting Line, The Matches, Circa Survive, Monkeyfist, Death Cab For Cutie, RX Bandits, Hard-Fi, The Go Team, Jim Noir, Graham Coxon, The Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Kaiser Chiefs, Belle & Sebastian, Pearl Jam, The Subways, Lady Sovereign, My Chemical Romance, Wolfmother, The Cribs, The Kooks, Milburn, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage, Towers of London, Hawthorne Heights, Dashboard Confessional,The Mystery Jets, The Vines, The Automatic, Fall Out Boy, Anti-Flag, Millencolin, Holy Racket (x2), The Unseen, The Explosion, Me Without You, Brand New, Dead To Me, TwoPointEight, Street Dogs, Tat, Pickled Dick, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and Damien Rice


wow! you're making diary or something like that?
great list! I'm really jealous about some bands.. I also like going to gigs but here in Czech Republic there's not so much chances

I'd really like to see Rancid live. If I'm right, they've never been to Czech Republic yet :-(


hehe well i keep all gig tickets, but i drafted up a list sometime ago, its just nice to look back over what ive seen etc i guess. hehe

yea, luckily in england we do well for gigs :)


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