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Sickest spotify partylist!

Hi, i have gathered the most loved songs.
and the songs who make people go crazy at partys, all the good stuff is in here plus a little touch from my self.

but mostly partysongs, who will get the girls dance and the guys yell:-)
everything from: i love college by asher roth to david guetta ( i personally dont like him, but the party loves him)

genres is: hiphop/rap, techno/trance a little rock, a little fun songs, and just awesome party songs.
put this on at the start of the party, and just leave the computer:-)

Have fun, here is the link:
remember to subscribe
Do u have a partylist u want to share?
post it here:-)


How the heck should I get an account active in Estonia? I just simply CAN'T!


drum and bass.. and other ir the rap! yap!


listen to this song on spotify :

let me how it is . if you love it please do share it . thank you . have a great day all :)


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