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Notorious B.I.G or Tupac ?

for me it is biggie


Both are like roadworks on a Sunday morning.


2Pac. “Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal”


DJ Wich oleee!


2PAC for me


kommer ni för nära slår jag ut din hjärna! så jävla skön . the best hiphop is ..... The rap boys


Golden Touch DJ Wich.


of course BIGGIE... tupac is overvaluation rapper... most CD which he sold was made after his death. I dont say then he is bad... but overvaluation.




gotta go with Biggie, cause he could tell a story in songs... but Pac was a fuckin true G


if i`m listening to rap, i wouldn`t like to hear a story i wanna hear the way it`s goin` on in rl


creamsterdam knows shit..


Both were great, but I still have to say 'Pac. Biggie also had good songs like Juicy, Hypnotize, I love the dough, Big poppa and such. Rest In Peace Christopher Wallace & Tupac Shakur.


2pac is way better , i have total respect to him :)


gay ?


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