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MW3 Team Application

Myself, and my three fellow teammates are seeking to be picked up by an organisations to represent them at all UK LAN events and European Events and online tournaments, on Call of Duty: Mw3 on the xbox 360 cosole and other future Call of Duty titles.

Team Name: dv8

Name: Joesph Pinnington
Age: 16
In game Name: Envied Joe
Role: SMG
Previous History: ,Envined ,Azure,vital,Quad, KERMIT
LAN History: EGL5 48th this was out of 112 teams
Achievements: Vanity online P2P finshed 13-17th under team name Quads. Has won many free cups and online tournaments.

Name: Reuben Francis
Age: 16
In Game name: dv8 Reuben
Role: AR
Previous History: System,Creative Esports,Axibyte, Team Vizualize, dv8
Lan History: 34th EGL4 Pick up team but have the experience. Finalist in the Intermediate bracket. 48th at EGL4 but this was out of 112 teams.
Achievements: Vanity P2P online 7th under TMC. EGL4 34th, Also won Many One day cups some for prizes.

Name: Rob Adams
Age: 17
In game Name: dv8 Rob
Role: SMG
Previous History: Creative esports,Team Vizualize,Zest
LAN History: EGL5 48th at EGL4 this was out of 112 teams
Achievements: 6th Vanity P2P under the team name TMC. Also has 49th MLG rank which would give the org much more exposure though another gaming website.

Name: Doyle Williams
Age: 18
In Game Name: TP Tango
Role: AR
Previous History: vivid, team savage, tribal penguins
Lan History: 48th at EGL5
Achievements: Won many One day cups with prizes and also fun cups.

Why would we like to join an organisation and why should you let us?
It has always been a goal for every one of us to represent an organisation at a LAN event and would give us great pleasure in being able to. We also like the idea of being accepted in an organisation and allowing us to mix with the community and wish them luck at their events.

There are a number of advantages of letting us represent you as we are a very active team and participate in alot of online tournaments and odc also i would set up a team YouTube uploading daily content which will help increase traffic to the website and help it to grow, develop and possibly attract new sponsors.
If picked up we would do our very best to give the organisation a good name for sportsmanship. Unlike the majority of picked up teams we see, we understand how important it is for your organisation to remain well respected in the community and we’d do our best to do this.

We want this to be a long-term partnership and to stay with you and your community, helping each other grow and become one of the best teams and organisations in the competitive gaming industry.

What lan event are you looking to attend as a team?
we will be attending lans,as much as possible we will be attending EGL6 giving us enough time to ensure we get the placement we want to achieve and after that we will be looking to attend abroad aswell .
What we can give you
We are slowly progressing through the pay to play tournament and im sure we will be able to win money from it. We will also market your brand brand with maturity at EGL.This would be no messing around to put a bad tag on the company

Contact Details:
Skype: r3ub3en
Xbox: dv8 Reuben



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