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SK.ENG MW3 Team application


I am contacting you on a request to represent your organisation on the Xbox, Call of Duty scene. We are a team from the South West of England and all went to the same school so we are very close. Are team has shown quite an impact on the eSports scene when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops by winning tournaments such as Vanity's F2P's and other fun cups. We are looking at attending future LAN events around Europe such as EGL, ReflexGT, Gamerbase and iSeries Multiplay events. We have represented a organisation before so we know what is required to be successful in this area, we were apart of the IntensiveNoobs team for around 5/6 months but left as we felt we were not gaining anything and also represented Phys1x Gaming.

We would like to be given the chance to be in this org because i feel we can bring something to this org. Whether it will be exposure withing the online gaming community by doing tournaments from home, by competeting at various LAN events or just by giving this website more hits everyday. I know if we are choosen to represent you we would give 110 % to everything that we do.

You can expect a loyal hard working team that has alot of passion to reach the top within Call Of Duty scene. We will also be very active on the team website and its forums and will keep you up to date with all are team progress. We will also give the team name a good reputation at LAN we will behave in a good manor. We will be putting in alot of time from now to make sure we place well in all upcoming LANs and any online tournements that may come up. There is usually one or two online fun cups every weekend we will be playing in these as much as we can and every night we will be scrimming.


Elliott 'Eti' Nile. Age 16 (captian)
Liam 'stryd' Westlake. Age 16
Nathan 'Method' Nielsen. Age 16
Joshua 'Jj' Willcocks. Age 17

Some of our achievements include; (Black Ops & MW3)

First place Vanity one day cup.
last eight in vanity one day cup seven times.
first place of intensive noobs cup.
Semi Final in LiNK cup.


We would love the chance to prove our team has potential and that were a strong squad.

Please contact me via email, Skype or Xbox Live regarding this or if you would like some more information.

Many thanks.

Liam Westlake.

Contact details.

· XBL - West YMCMB
· Skype - nerohun
· MSN -


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