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Gears of War App.


Redeem is a 4 man UK based team currently competing on Gears Of War on the XBOX 360 who are at the top of the scene after acquiring one of the strongest rosters on the game. As a team we are looking for a reputable and established organisation who will back our potential and give us the ability to fulfill our ambitions.

Acheivements by Player:

Although Macca is a Call of Duty player, he has always had his head into Gears Of War and has always played both games. Macca is a well known LAN veteran and has placed well at most of them. Here is Macca’s Online and Offline achievements:

2nd ECL LAN event (£1000 + 4x Astro a30's)
1st ECC Online Tournament (Nike and Bench Clothing)
13th EGL LAN event
3rd 5v5 Decerto Tournament
1st UltraViolet One Night Cup (4x 2100 Microsoft Points)
3rd ReflexGT2 LAN event
5th ECL2 LAN event

Past organisations: TCM - infused - Imperial - qG - ImmenSe, Type Z, eMpathy

Charlie also known as 'WoodZ' is a very big and upcoming player who plays the role of our Sniper within our team.

9th ECL2 LAN event

Past oganisations: VVV - pX

Alongside with 'WoodZ', him and 'Germ' make a great double team which was proven by their latest LAN event placing. Also 'Germ' is our strong leader who motivates and encourages us.

9th ECL2 LAN event

Past organisations: VVV - EnVy

Dan also known as 'Krizton' is our very own strong slayer in the team who is a very smart player with great communication.

10th XL5 LAN event

Player Details:
Player 1 : Adam 'Macca' McNeill
Age : 18
Location : Liverpool, UK

Player 2 : Charlie 'WoodZ' Wood
Age : 16
Location : Manchester, UK

Player 3 : Frazer 'Germ' Conroy
Age : 19
Location : London

Player 4 : Daniel 'Krizton' Shepherd
Age : 19
Location : Birmingham

Why We chose your Organisation:
Your organisation is renowned for backing and supporting upcoming and seasoned teams across numerous competitive titles. and we believe that with dedicated and consistent support, we as team, will develop and bring success to your organisation in both On and OFF line competitions.

Why would us joining SK benefit you:
We feel we can place very high at the upcoming event ECL3 and it would be a great opportunity for yourselves to advertise your organisation threw our team attending the event under your name. We would also be willing to wear T-Shirts to advertise the organisation. We as a team, Have great sportsmanship and will not give SK a bad reputation.


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