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History of Pikachu !

Pikachu is a Pokemon I call first generation. I give this description because it is derived from the first game pokemon, that is to say, the blue tape (which is tortank poster) and red (which celebrates dracaufeu).

A few years later, in 2000, a special edition Pikachu is launched, it is also known as "yellow version" (referring to the color of pikachu, you follow me?), Is to tell you if the success is serious ... ! This year will yield $ 133 million to Satoshi Tajiri and his team.

Satoshi Tajiri: Thank you pikachu!
Pikachu: Pika Pika!

Very quickly, pikachu became a global icon. Whether in pokéfans poképhobes or, worse pickachu leaves indifferent. For example, All Nippon Airways Boeing 747 customized her image the number 1 pokemon. I can also mention that Toyota, to create a Pokemon car, chose the slender muscles Pikachu. Moreover, many have stopped to pokéjoueurs yellow version, unable to imagine that other pokemon just rival the electric ball. Thus, Pokémon Silver, ruby, sapphire, ocean, pearl, quartz, FireRed, shynigold, blues, leafgrean, emerald, crystal, arcoiris, darkcry, returns and many others, weary quickly: pikachu is not the spotlight.

So why pikachu he seduced? Already, it is yellow, and all that is yellow is promised some success, include among others the Simpsons. Then comes the master ^ _ ^, which is super cute on TV and internet media on which pokemon is mainly distributed (remember that pikachu is not true). Then, as shown earlier in the article, the legendary cry "pika-pika" is all just crack the heart of these ladies. Also, these two dimples red, supposed to be the anode and cathode, are a new problem in the scientific world in thermonuclear energy storage. Why pikachu in the presence of strong semantics he falls ill while his lightning bolt tail is supposed to play the role of grounding?

As I have just demonstrated, its charm is devastating. Yet, as we often forget, pikachu is a mouse! So what to make ... ? Pikachu is it a rodent REGOUT stinking (pikachu is an indisputable champion pet flambé) right out of a psychopath or a Japanese manga idol must forever be engraved in the collective unconscious?

The question is asked.
Answer now :D


haha wtf


rofl what is this shit :D?


u mad bro


holy sh*t:DD


holy sh*t:D


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