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Xbox 360 Gears of War 2 Application!

Hi there me and my team would like to become part of SK Gaming and represent you for Gears of War 2 on xbox 360. The Application form below is just so you get some sort of idea what we are like and why we are looking to become part of an organisation.

* Team Name: Will be changed/decided as we are only called TriaL RosteR at the minute.
* Age Range: 16-23
* Gamertags: Mine is XpLiCiT SkiIIz
* AIM Screen Name:
* MSN Messenger:
* Skype Name: Will make one if needed to.
* Experience: We have alot of online tournament experience and was hoping to get some LAN experience this year
* How many hours per week will you devote to gaming? 50+ a week
* Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes
* What are your personal goals? Our personal goals are to succeed at what we do and we are always trying to improve certain aspects of our game as we are not perfect. We are looking to win more online tournaments and hopefully some LAN tournaments when they come around.
* How did your team hear about SK Gaming? We was just talking to some Call of Duty players that we know and was told that you are a good community.
* Why is your team interested in being a SK Gaming Team? We would like to become part of SK Gaming because we are a good team and just want to become part of an organisation and be able to represent them and help make your name grow within the gaming community.
* Are there any video montages of this team? We dont have any team montages at the minute as we are still working on that but do have a little teaser trailer if thats any good.


Could someone tell me who the best person to speak to would be for this sort of thing!


I have spoken to the console council a few times about having a gears team and they not interested. good luck anyways


XpLiCiT-SkiIIz @
- If you're real interested in joining SK. Then why would you post applications on every other site out there? Like your application to Dignitas?

If you wanna make a professional application than get a good App Form, Spell- check, Learn something about eSport. And for gods sake! Send applications via email, do not post it on the forum.

/ Niklas


Ohh det är han! ; >


PhilGondor wrote:
Ohh det är han! ; >



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