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Xbox 360 Owners?

How many people on here own a 360?

If you are one of those people. have you got xbox live and what games do you play?


i got 360 and i play halo 3 ( sometimes) i use xbox 360 for my offline games like fallout3 and stuff


i play cod4 olmost evry time i use the xbox and somtimes gh4 and pretty reare gh3 i havent play gh3 in a while tho. if ennyone wants to play just add my gt "zamorak95" without quotes.


Yer i got 360 i play FIFA or GTA IV :D


i have a xbox360

i play Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 at the time


What do you have Halo 3? I mean Ranking.


Lieutenant Grade 2
and u ?


Me !


I play Street Fighter 4 quite a bit, but I have L4D, GoW1+2, RE5, Halo3 and a few others, feel free to add me. Looking forward to King of Fighters 12 next month.

GT = krz1


I've got Xbox 360 Pro (60gb). I play mostly Guitar hero 4 and GH Metallica. I dont have drumkit so I play only with guitar :P. Other games : GTA IV, Halo 3, Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones :D

New games coming soon, maybe :D !


got one^^
cod4, halo and gears of war, l4f


I got X360 too..
GamerTag: Fucile47

i got Gears of war 2, Prototype, virtua tennis 2009, Halo 3, GTA IV, Fallout 3,
and a lot more..


I got Xbox 360 and Play Gears of war 2 Competetive. Gamertag: PhilGondor


I have had Xbox live, but I sold it. :)


Ive got XBL. GT: kmshadoze

I play CoD: BO, Halo 3, Homefront, Crysis2, Fifa 11, GTA IV, and thats just to name a few. If you got XBL add me, I am sure I have a game that I can join you with


i've got x360


Yep, have one here as well. I mostly play Halo: Reach, but I'm also down for some Black Ops.

GT: CyS WarZombie


xbox 360
tekken 6
Left for Dead 2


I like to play a lot of games @ xbox but gow2 and nhl11 mostly.

GT: dinppae


dont got xbox. PS3 are 10000 times better and u dont need to pay to play online


zulanztar wrote:
dont got xbox. PS3 are 10000 times better and u dont need to pay to play online

10000 better in what way? but ye paying for online is kinda crap but its still cheap.


I also have an XBOX but only black ops and pes 2011:)
my live name is eryyx or eryyyx


ps3 better for me ;D


Xbox 360, rarely ever play but when I played in my prime it was Halo 3 (MLG Multi-general). Go on to play MW3 now and then and maybe a little bit of Reach if any friends are playing it.




50/50 split on my gaming started out on consoles now more into pc gaming. but when im playing my 360 im playing Halo 4 or NHL 13


xbox GTA V , Fight Night , Tekken Tag 2:DD


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