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Gran Theft Auto IV

Hi I was wondering if you think there will be leagues for gta4,
and wil there be pro-teams competing? :p


Yes there are many leagues. This one for example


thank u, love that game :)

fnatic player since gta1 :p with the topvieuws :p on playstation 1 :D
good ol' times


Nice game )


uhu :p


Much to this game will be tesi to turn a game counseling the game and then looking forward to MAFIA II, and what about you?


Mafia2 will be awesome!


nice but i'll play it on PC ^^


Nice game :DD


I didn't like it, I found GTA:SA much better.


Yeah I kinde liked SA more 2


amazing game.. shit.. just played twice. cuz havnt got console


good game, because of many interactions with almost everything


Awesome game with good graphics but the story was kind of short. I'm looking forward for another release. Like GTA 3 - > GTA Vice City


Zvanokas wrote:
ps3 or pc are y talking?:D



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