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missharvey Interview

DE: Hi, Steph… well you need no introductions on CS female scene… so let’s reach the point. Long time ago you were playing with an important canadian female team, then your rivals GX3 recrute you, and then those girls turns on SK.ladies team… you participate in ESWC 2007 with SK.ladies and the team won the championship against no opponents. Now, you are at the top of your gaming career and then, instantly, you drop from SK… can you tell us why?

missharvey: Well, the main point of my “drop” from SK, if we can call it this way, isn’t because of SK and neither really my personal choice. I got the opportunity to move to France to finish my degree in architecture for a year, and this isn’t allowing me to practice with the girls anymore because of the time difference.I think I could have managed to play with a bad ping but not to play from 3AM to 8AM. That would have been impossible for me.

Complete article here (scroll down for english version)



She's a really good player... girls are rockin' in the eSports scene ^_^


nice article :))




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