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School problems

i know many guys who got school problems just because they played too much. i dont know that because school is very important for me.

does anybody of you got school problems?


Sort of man!I used to study more when i played Cs 4 fun..But one day I woke up and I considered it a real deal..So..


to be honest man.... i had this exact same problem. i was hardcore wow player/raider.. so yeah
its basically the same shit as cs wit more dedication imo.
i failed anything which was put infront of me, i lost rl friends because i wouldnt go out with them lol.
think about it hard.
you have to decide which is more important to u, a game or your future.
personally i chose the game lol, i dont regret it.
do what makes u happy in life.
gl man


ya, a lot of ppl have exactly the same problem just for game (wow/cs..)
just look at the posts here
tbh, i think i've fallen into it too.


yea.. many people addicted to wow.
that's terrible!


Ye wow is so addictive game... I had the same problem with wow .I played it about 10 hours per day,but its 2 years ago xD and i hate this game now x) i choosed real life..


Asbet0s: can't agree with you... I've played wow for like 3 month and I didn't get addicted.
CS is more addictive 4 me.

And yes I have some problems in school because of CS and being tired(sleepy) all the time 'cause everyday I have to play not less than 4-5 hours, else I couldn't get asleep.
So count. Everyday i have like 9-12 lessons. Come back from school at 17:30-18 o'clock... So I start playing at 8-10p.m and finish at 2-3a.m going to sleep and have to get up at 6 o'clock to be ready for the bus at 6:30 =))) Because of this schedule I often fall asleep on the lessons.


good too :D and... wow.. it depends on a people i think.Well someone like it and someone not...But there are people dependet on wow much more that on CS --->its my own opinion).And I have never heard about deaths on the score of CS,but on wow yea :'(


I know what you're talking about :/ i have kinda the same problem. Skipping school, just to be home, and sometimes play cs. I'm "sick", so I can stay home. But everyone who has this problem, try to get a balance between the game and school! Do your school stuff well, then you have time for the game you're so addicted to. I've realised that school is so important if you really think about it, so do you want to sacrifice your future for a game? Think about it.


i'm not im school, i'm in college, but i have problems with my mom :D
she doesn't like me playning cs :(


I don't study a lot. I study just half and hour everyday. And it's enough for me. And i play 3,4 hour CS everyday. So compare them. As i said i don't have any problem with my school, every year i get high honour degree. I finish school with the highest marks! So it doesn't make sense. CS just makes you better! :D


"CS just makes you better!" cool idea :)


It depends on the person really. If you find you work effectively, you'll have much more time for the things you enjoy. Otherwise, if your mind is always on your games, there's always the down point of doing badly in your studies if you don't manage to concentrate on your work when you really need to. Study hard, and THEN play hard!

Good thing it works out for you _DefaultIT_


Thanks for your support bebi_hk!


No problem ;)


Well to be honest bcz of warcraft III frozen throne and cs 1.6 i stoped school for 2 years.My life was like from morning 9 till 00:00 in game station and after that hard core party ,drinking,every day.But whole time when i was playing i had girls some fake love but i would always broke up bcz games.And then i met 1 girl called Ines


oO wtf didnt get my post to the end well sorry doubble post:
Well to be honest bcz of warcraft III frozen throne and cs 1.6 i stoped school for 2 years.My life was like from morning 9 till 00:00 in game station and after that hard core party ,drinking,every day.But whole time when i was playing i had girls some fake love but i would always broke up bcz games.And then i met 1 girl called Ines..and she changed my life,i got back to school,i work in free time and going out and having fun and real love.But still i play cs but just 3-4 in night cuz old habit is still in me i cant sleep if its not 3 in morning and if i don't get some cs.But my life is much batter now really.


I dont have school problems...i play CS every second i am at home and i dont have to do anything else!
But when i need something for school i forget for cs and take book in my hand :D


Depends how demanding your school is :D. Because of CS i never had problems with school, but MMORPG's can affect your grades.

In Counter-Strike you always have one and the same pattern of the game, just different environment, but in a MMORPG the environment, the looks, simply the whole games changes constantly, making you more and more, literary addicted to it.


hell yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :> No1 School problem guy -----> fK ftW ........ 3years of school lost because of cs.


I don't think that CS will keep you off learning for school. Some extreme MMORPG-Players might have that problem, but cs? It's much easier just to leave after a funwar (only takes half an hour often) or even before the war is over if there is something more important.
You have to be very undisciplined if CS affects your grades ;)


I`ve had school problems, still have. I hate this game.


As long as you can stop, it isnt a problem. But if your addicted to it, then it becomes a problem..


Gaming is just a way to hide behind your own problems. It is just too easy to sit infront of the pc and game with friends instead of doing an essay/homeworks or a project. You don't know how much damage you do, untill it's too late. One year pass by, then two then three than you are suddenly close too 30:p Never too late to change though...but when you have played active for a long time, it is kind of hard to let go of the gaming scene.


I never had any problems letting go, and when i did, my grades improved. 3 years later, when school is over, i play like never before.


I have cs and school split, I play cs until after the homework, and before I write an exam, I learned the day before just for work, it is a give and take.So nothing can go wrong.


i was affected so i decided to play only during holidays.




i passed 4 years of my school time in PC gaming Center :) i don't mind studying :) PC games are what young ppl really loves :)

I vote for Gaming Education :D


Yeah, I olso have school problems, due to the addictiveness of the game, altough I'm in my last year of school, and have a very important exam at the end of the year, I still can't stop playing,This final year, is the period in wich I have to chose my future(job/career) , and altough right now I'm playing only 1-2 hours/ day, I still have problems,not with the school, but with my parents.After so many years of cs, I often wonder if it was worth loosing my time.


Later or earlier you will realize that school is your future, and from that day you'll be like a totally new person. Trust me, I've been there.


i have awesome notes on maths because of cs :)


i just suck at school, but that is not why i play cs


Apparantly CS improves your hand eye co-ordination :P


lol co-ordination for what skiing? in every skill you have a different co-ordination. for gaming, for any type of sport... I dont feel a co-ordination of my stomach as it gets bigger and bigger every day.. so dont shit!


Well I have quited school... in hope of playing more CS and training Waterpolo... but I will see wery soon what will happen whit my dedication to CS I have to say. Its a hard life for us gamers who chose this way its not easy. gl to all


it's like work!!!


In Counter-Strike u cant learn how to count :D


Ya bettel to com up in life.....


I think if you're addicted to the game.. you will..
But i just use my spare time to playin' my game...


School will be the best choice in the end. Just wait'n'see




Im finish school ha ha ha =D


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