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USB Mousrate Switcher 1.1

u guys might know this thing
dl link:

i got a question, i just formated my pc, lost some progs, but now i got a problem when i want to patch it it gives me an sort of error that looks like this:

Operating System : Windows XP

ERROR: Could not find a valid sequence!
Please use Windows' original "usbport.sys"!

I rly dont know what it means, if someone can help me out, i'd be happy. just going crazy. oO


Did you install USB drivers ?


ehm yea i did


Hmm..sorry but I can not help than :(

Try to reinstall like warrior said and if you do not want try to reinstall just USB drivers.


Install your motherboard USB driver or reinstall your Windows


i fixed it, by reformating my whole damn windows, gotaddicted? :>




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