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The Best inGame Lider

Say plz the best ingame lider!!!
I think LeX and walle ;)


you meen "leader" ?? =)
hmm...maybe walle


i know what u want Tentro to say...i think me too is walle


Harts from emuLate & bisou from... a lot of teams :D


yeah carn is great, mooN is awesome, too.

But how do you know about LeX, I didn't even know, that he is ingame leader, because there are no information from Russia. o_O


walle best !


imo walle is the best in-game leader now. When vilden played CS, he was very good too.


mb walle :D
and me :D


walle, frags and is ingameleader


walle & cArn


same :D


XeqtR was the best leader.


alltime: Hyper
Now: walle


Leader i think LeX ; Konstantin P ; walle ; hpx


Walle and carn




i think carn.


who cares, you've never played with all this guys




me and ur mother i lead her pretty good


LeX ; shaGuar


cArn for sho'


walle and carn




mooN & cArn


1st LeX , XeqtR , Volcano , Blizzard , shaGuar , Jaegarn can be :P , and walle xD


Moi Kapitan SCAB


a eshe kol9, kotoriy nedavno otkinulsa, horoshiy GLAVARb




cArn, vilden ...


vilden,and me ofc :D


HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD yeah you are the best ingame leader :oooo


cArn, vilden...walle is good player bur for me not good leader


walle xD


How do you know? IMO it's needed to play under the best leaders to give a shot :P


cArn & mooN




I think walle just pwn in InGame leading


ago: XeqtR
now: walle






Aleha "LeX"...malchik horosh pizdec >.


cArn, walle and Loord ;]


in the past : Vilden , Element

now : walle , cArn


LeX, shaGuar and walle.....


LeX and cArn


LeX for sure!




asl leader - cArn
and LeX ofc


lex and walle


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