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The best deagle player

jungle for aim
solo for dgl
ofc in asia :)


for sure is SpawN :)


n0thing : )




cyx is a great deagle"boy ^^


yes snajdan is good at deagle


cyx or snajdan


SpawN perfect aim !




ewakki, xiver


Ma... jebo vas SpawN

HeaveN sabija sa dglom :D




spawn for real :)


Best Aim : SpawN " SK "
BesT Deagle : Nak " Mibr"




Begrip-tweety :X


sNk , best with deagle .


spawn and snajdan


hehehe mora se malo


yesterday i was playing public only with dgl and i think i am the best player ever ahahahaha {":P:


kestylo :D joke. n0thing


Most craziest dealge kills I've seen are from n0thing


SpawN. :D


snAke is best deagler. Best aimer is zet or SpawN.


SpawN ofc...


dg = nothing or snajdan
aim = zet cyx


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