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HELP ! (Fire in the hole)

How to reduce a sound of radio commands (Fire in the hole)?


Delete its sound file :D


The individual files can't be edited by a outer source.

Meaning that if you want to change the volume levels of certain files, you have to get the file, open it with a certain editor, lower it and put it back. The editing of game sensitive files could lead to game problems and crashes.

Except if you can get the source files of Counter-Strike 1.6 from Valve and edit them in a certain program language.

At least my opinion :P:


why don't you just delete that sound:


N0! When command Fire in the hole to me is audible is necessary to lower a sound of this command!
Thus not editing and not deleting sound files!
Can it is necessary that-be in console to write?


why would you want to reduce it? seems kinda silly...


no delete!!!


At fire in the hole it is badly audible opponents!


edit the sound...use the program for edition of sound, and low volume LoL :D


I do not wish anything to change in Sony Sound Forge and other programs!
I wish to learn it is possible to make it in CS!


no edit soun ?


Maybe delete the sounds in you steam map..


Fire in The Hole :P


Yes you can remove them, I had them removed with some sort of a hudsound removal thing =D for moviemaking. If i remember correctly I downloaded it from But making the sound lower, don't know.


plz... bind stopsound


replace sound file with one that is less loud...


why u wanna to delete it? oO lol...


Just learn to live with it :S
It's usable if your hear "fire in the hole" and got to watch out from a friends nade and so on.


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