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The Best player in your country?

Russia - xek, LeX and hooch


In france is FastR :D


No , realy it's MickenseN


maybe "desh" in Belarus :D


Serbia......philip from 4glory.kgb


Shaguar CANADA




Turkey - xylm


cxxxviii or otto


Sweden: Walle ;)


Sweden: Walle ;)




MusambaN1 from Spain :)


From Portugal is FOXJ


In Kosovo is FreemaN


Im the best player of the world.Actually galaxy..


Kylin & Robocop ;)


In Denmark its definantly Sunde no doubt!


mSx and SIXER from France


turkey - me lol ^^


Sweden - GeT_RiGhT


Lithuania - Dag !


Lithuania - deCus ;)


From portugal, it's fox


Foxj from portugal


Roman 'roman' Ausserdorfer from germany !;)


sweden it is forest get_right and gux ofc
turkey i think gob_b
germany cyx
finland plastE
Russia lex hooch xek and dingo i think


The best player in belgium is Roskaah from NightHawX gaming (NHX) ,, look site


Maybe DaG.


in france : SiXER ,


In Estonia - Dodz


FINLAND : lUrppis


Romania:SeDaN or MARIUS
SeDaN is incredibile with awp :x


Player: wieN
Country: Bulgaria

..:: PEACE ::..


Portugal - Foxj




Me ofc =D


MARIUS from Romania




Skopje > fucker [speedHeads]


MARIUS (Romania)


In Lithuania was kestuks i think so. Now maybe CIKIST


i have to say me :)


portugal -> axoN


So Not True


hYper. :)


neo from Poland :)




jajo (GEORGIA)


arg: oteR


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