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Why play Pro's CS:GO in 4:3 on widescreen?

(sry for bad english)

I saw in many Youtube videos that Professional Teams like NiP, VeryGames, ANEXIS .... that they play on 21" widescreen not in 16:9 but in 4:3 resolution.
I have a BenQ XL2411T 24" 144Hz LED Gaming Monitor.

All videos on ESWC shows that thay all play in 4:3 on
BenQ RL2240H special for Starcraft Monitor with 16:9 21,5" (1920x1080), these are not with 120Hz
Some of them play in 4:3, but strech it to fullscreen o.O

Why they play in 4:3?
In 16:9 you have more view on the sides.

I dont know but i think they do this for better concentrating to the middle of the screen, or the Minimap is to far away or smth like that.

And why is Team NiP playing with difrent headsets or is just for Sponsoring and they use inEar because of the noise i see some are playing mit Siberia V2 with usb (diablo and frost-Blue) and some with the non-usb normal Siberia V2 wich one is better, i think that normal Siberia V2 can be better with having a good soundcard and not with usb soundcard.


no answers?


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-sl0bodan- wrote: watch & like :D


they're conditioned from 1.6 with the black bars at left & right side :-)


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