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Steam Validation Rejected

Ok so. I had this problem for quite some time now and I have no clue on how to fix it. The problem is: I can't stay connected to any server for more than 1:30min. After that time the game just freezes and disconnects from the server and when I try to reconnect, the "Steam Validation Rejected" message shows up. This is pretty annoying since I obvsly can't play the game this way.
I did a lot of research already and I tried everything like disabling the firewall, opening ports, erasing the .blob thingys in steam folder. I even tried to play with lower rates in game and even lowering ex_interp. I reinstalled the game several times already and still nothing.
Note that this has been happening for months, so rebooting the CPU won't work.
Any idea? Would really appreciate it.




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