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CS 1.6 DIED ?!





try my


i guess at professional level at little , but not die


what the f*ck with people these days..
blabbering about config..




1.6 neverdie :)


1.6 very nice game, it will never die for me:D


Not die, but its summer time :D


I agree with Mek0 that CS is kinda "dead" at the professional level..but not at the normal,haha there are still many people playing CS 1.6 in their homes!
The online servers are still full of players(with some hackers) ;)
Well,im not playing CS now because of my studies,but i won't stop playing CS,i will continue when i complete my studies.


No, CS 1.6 is not dead, cs is a game where you have fun, stress, clutchs, fails ... CS 1.6 will never die!


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