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640 or 1024

640 medium dyn 0 or 1024 small dyn 0 ?


640 man dynamic 0 medium.
I have monitor 24 :P


6x4 large dynamic 0


boring question


640x480 large dy 0


640х480 large dyn 0






is 640x480 supposed to extremely blurry? like theres a foggy film covering everything and when you get closer and closer it like renders and gets clearer? or am I bugged...? lol


6x4 large dyn 0 best or if u like to play on med go 8x6 or 6x4 dyn 1




Only 640. FPS high !!!


640 large dyn 0


Well it depends on you,but i use 640... :)






640 large


640 large


640 is better maybe,but i play with 1024


640 dyn0


A8_ wrote:
boring question


640 large


640x480 small


640 medium




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