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what crosshair is better ?!

640x480 small cl dynamic 1 or 640x480 Large cl dynamic 0 ?!?!?!


depends on your resolution and preference....if ur playing at low res try a large or medium crosshair...if higher res try small crosshair else the 4 different parts of the crosshair might not be proportionaly sized and will give a odd feel to ur is preference....dynamic crosshair off.....try default green or white crosshair they are suitable for all maps......else its okay to try different colours for different maps....example.....use light colur for de_nuke.....hope this helps...


for 6x4 i reccomend medium dynamic 0 ! I dont like the large on 6x4 cuz its soooooo big for meee !


ty for u2 guys :]


6x4 with this config
you gonna be a GOD!


640x480 Large cl dynamic 0


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