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Good Mouse Pad For Xai?

Hi Guys

I Need a Good Mouse Pad For Steelseries Xai

And i Already have qck moh edition and zowie gt-f and razer golithus.

So which one to use ?


Ranne wrote:
Qck+ NaVi / Fnatic edition ?


mmmm qck is same :S but the disgin is different


BUXNA wrote:
use the razer one


SS QCK+ or Razer Goliathus Control


qck+ or heavy


i have razer abyssus mirror, and has Razer Goliathus Large Speed :)


razer mantis speed




bro i have 2 years playing with xai and qck + fnatic editon and is a better combination for me ! :) buy a qck i recommend u


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