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pad for microsoft 3.0

helpp :)))


mousepad razer goliathus i have =]


qck heavy ftw ...


any big soft clothpad will do , like the steelseries QcK or heavy or razer goliathus .


Goliathus large ...


Just fUnc MBA Rchetype !! MS 3.0 + fUnc = GOD :D sth AmaziNG


QcK heavy or Qck+


I hate razer pads..... Only ss qck heavy


_sMokeR wrote:
qck heavy ftw ...


qck heavy


razer mantis control


QcK + or QcK Heavy very goods :)




QCK+ fnatic or SK


steelpad S&S


leeroy wrote:
Qck heavy od any Qck + edition or just Qck + PERFECT :D


steelseries NP+


_sMokeR wrote:
qck heavy ftw ...





biger SS =dDD


heavy ofc


qck+ qck heavy


qck + or heavy


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