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need config

need good command for desert eagle and good commands for recoil weapons


up :D


u don't find them here :)


the_fat_one wrote:
u don't find them here :)



Best pistoler is edward , config can be found here:


best config is DEFAULT ! No scripts xD


I agree stock config is the best
just add wheel up-jump
wheel down-duck :)


@ralfijs : sorry but the mousewheel duck is forbidden in wars
and who wants a good CFG you can have mine, actually it's SpawN's but with little modifications like the userconfig it fixes your interp :D Have Fun !


Counter Strike 1.6 models with´╗┐ 1.5 anims ( Original 1.6 models HQ Textures )



practic this all..


cl_updaterate "101"
cl_cmdrate "101"
ex_interp "0.01"
cl_dlmax "128"
rate "25000"
gl_max_size "512"
viewsize "120"

ati_subdiv "0"
ati_npatch "0"
s_eax "0"
s_a3d "0"


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