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Need a config

Could you guys, give me some configs to try with reso pls ?

I have a 23" monitor 60hz but 100fps in game


thanks for answer guys, i will try your configs


I tried lcw and w1p3r's cfg on 800 but i dont like :s

thank u for your help guys


If you have CRT monitor set freq at 100Hz,if you have LCD monitor then set the freq at 75Hz.In console type: cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
rate 2500
fps_max 101

That's all you need...The rest is a matter of preference...


rate 2500 ******


25000 omg :D


So ralle, i have a LCD monitor 60hz and i have all your commands about rate, but how to fix freq at 75hz ?

Maksush, i will try it :)

Thanks guys


w1p3r wrote:

im using yours haha its okay :)


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