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cl_forwardspeed 1001 and cl_backspeed 1000 legal ? illegal ?





_roMjkyo wrote:

true it's "speed" hack lol XD


illegal !===)


Illegal! :D


Lol TRY it... legal... it doesnt work in game :) depends on server options


NOT ILLEGAL but its same that 400.


fps_max 100 its same that fps_max 999

if u put cl_showfps already 99 fps no more.


@beather stupid bitch, stop spam with your shitty cfg


lol, are u kidding? fps_max 100... isnt same as fps_max 999... u can have FPS 100+ u can have fps 999!!!!


Yes you can :) fps_max 999 , fps_modem 999 and look


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