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Read Please !

hello , i'm the real "dALyw0w" my sk-gaming account got recently hacked, when there was posted a movie like "DAILYWOW BUSTED!" that guy was a fake fan ho copied me . He get into my pc with masive Keylogger and hacked everything and when he was on my steam account he played with metori and he talk with Aleksa and many mates of mine , it wasn't me i sware! he hacked my steam password SK-gaming all..! i'm not that guy with "metori", so if you guys believe me it's really good .. if not.. it's your problem , but dont piss me off with pm's or ugly words and so on.. Please ! i dont care if you believe or not! but dont flame me or something else that's all i'm asking please.if you want to add me at my steam id : Mtzv and we will play cs were ever you want with the best anticheat on . dem on , spectators on , dem_forcehltv 1 and what you want to see how I play and without any cheat ! Thank you for your time ! GL & HF


contact admin...


chrisz- wrote:
lol ...
try to get it back

i got it back :D


BogdaN_ wrote:
contact admin...

i dont need because i got it back :D


i told to the police what that motherfucker he did to me ! now he is in trouble . xD


someone gives a fuck,about are you cheating or not?:O


Fucking scammer


so....................... ?


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