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cl_ and ex_

I have always used cl_updaterate 101 cl_cmdrate 101 ex_interp 0.01
But some days ago i saw on a website saying that cl_updaterate 101 is fake and ex_interp should be 0
And when i do a m4a1 full i see that my m4a1 is like breaking
it is because ex_interp or cl_updaterate ???
I play online 90 percent of the times
Give me a good configuration for these 2 settings
I use GeT_RiGhT cfg.
Answer Plz ;D

* Sorry if the english is bad


I use GeT_RiGhT cfg plus a usercfg made by me
cfg default it is better ?


And what rate it´s better 25000 or 20000?


cl_up 100 , 101 or 102 ?
cl_cmd 100 , 101 or 102 ?


w1p3r wrote:
make own cfg


It's legal use rate 20000 or 30000 ??


download me conifg > rate ex_ cl wil be BRO


own cfg - rate 25k cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate 101


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