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Hi !

I created this thread to talk about the recoil & bullet registry problem in Valve games.
This will be a long post with many pictures/films/game demos. We would be grateful for your opinion if you read/watch all of them and give us some help with the problem.

For few years me and many people on CS/CS:Source/Day of Defeat/and even Left 4 Dead scenes are encountering the problems with bad bullet registration and/or tragically working recoil.

Bullet registry has broken up for about 2 years ago, and recoil is not the same for everyone.

Don’t you think sometimes when someone frags you from about the other end of the map with a single shot - how did he do that ?

Is it a cheat ? - No
He is very skilled ? - Maybe yes, but in most situations it’s not that obvious. If he has everything working perfectly, like in this video :

Then he just needs to aim at the head and pull the trigger - voilla, we have a nice kill.

When you have problems like many of us in the scene, your game looks like this : or

Then I have one question - how skilled must be 2nd Player to kill the 1st one ? It's a matter of luck only, even if you’re much more skilled than the opponent.
That should not go that way, everyone should have the same gameplay and chances to play. But reality shows something totally different.

Another example set : Recoils from fully automatic firing from USP in CS 1.6

Good recoil :

Bad recoil :
or if you want In-Game demo -

As you can see, the difference between those two recoils are quite big, enough to make the game almost unplayable at competitive level.

We tried to solve this problem on our own way. We read tons of guides how to make the game work properly, tried to find the problem in software – defragmenting hard disk, cleaning the system registry etc. , tried to run games on different Operating Systems – from Windows XP SP0 to Windows 7 64Bit, tried different motherboard/graphic/bios driver configurations, almost everything you can do with your PC. Effect – NOTHING WORKED.

Most of the players say that this type of problem don’t exist – they say that this problem is only our imagination. But just look at the screens and films/demos – you will see that we are telling the truth.

In some kind of elimination mode we ruled out the problem of software, OS or internet. It’s a hardware + game files problem. We also know which file of Valve games is corrupted – we have founded it totally unexpected.
The broken file is the Client.dll library in the games folders.
The instructions that are contained in it are differently interpreted by different hardware configurations – in fact we receive 1.perfect gameplay, or 2.horrible bullet registration and recoil problems that made the game almost unplayable.

It’s not a problem of one type of machines – some of us have 2 or more PC’s in our houses, and the problem occurs in most of them. For example :

Machine 1:
Amd Athlon X2 240
3GB Ram
GeForce 9800GT

Verdict : Bad bullet registration and bad recoil

Machine 2(notebook):
Amd Turion X2
GeForce 7200
2GB Ram

Verdict : The same problem as Machine 1

Machine 3
Amd Athlon XP 2200+
GeForce 2Ti 64MB
512MB Ram

Verdict : Low framerate, but the recoil is correct

As you can see, on 2 from 3 PC’s the game don’t work properly. THIS IS ONLY A LITTLE EXAMPLE, on forums you can find many more configurations with Intel/AMD processors, GeForce/Radeon cards that don’t work properly with Valve games.

We have found out the problem with client.dll file when we tried to watch this problem in Counter Strike : Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. In this game the problem doesn’t exist on ANY computer. The recoil is perfect and the registry is much better than in other games. We tried to import that file into Counter-Strike 1.6 . To do that, you need to copy the .DLL file to your cl_dlls folder in Counter-Strike from CS:CZ Deleted Scenes and make the “read only” attribute on the file.
Of course, many things don’t work as they should in CS 1.6 with this file(for example sounds, sprites etc.) but the problem with bad recoil and registry should be gone. Also, the problem doesn’t exist in the old CS 1.3 WON version of the game. If you use the .DLL file from it, it would run properly too.

The bad registry problem is not the domain of only Counter-Strike and other GoldSrc engine games. It also happens in Source games, such as CS:Source, Day of Defeat : Source, and even in Left 4 Dead series. Don’t you think something is strange with this fact that only in Valve games we are having this problem ?
We have played many games, such as Call of Duty series, Battlefield series and other multiplayer FPS games, and we encountered the problem only in Valve games.

Of course, we were writing messages to Steam Support, including in-game demos, films, screenshots and all types of evidence of the problem. In response they said that we need to delete the game folder/check the integrity of files/play on default settings. If this did not work, they said that it’s the internet problem and the discussion ended – even when we told them that this problem is on LAN, on our own servers, even with bots.
After that they did not even tried to response on our messages – they are simply using a bot to talk back to our messages that “They are investigating the problem”. And it ends like this for about a year and nothing has changed.

After we investigated the problem with .DLL file, we reported it to the Support.
We asked them, did they worked on the problem or they are still investigating. They have respond that they cannot answer that question.

After these years, we still try to solve the problem. Maybe some of you really know the problem and can help the community to run those games properly ? Maybe together we can find a way to repair them and once again enjoy playing our favorite games ?

I’m looking forward for your opinions and eventual help.

Best regards


I actually doubt there is a solution to this!, because I get this at random times too, At once I get perfect recoil, and then, for e.g., the map restarts, and the recoil is back to normal... But I doubt you will find something... BTW GL, Nice Post


I got that bad recoil , my machines
Nootebook Ati radeon 5650 , i3 , 4gb ddr3
And Pc Geforce 9600gt , 4gb ram ddr2 Amd 250 :S


i cant read its so long >.


chrisz- wrote:
DriveR- wrote:
i wonder how many people will actually take time to read all of that...


set your windows desktop resolution to 1024x768


Zvanokas wrote:
DriveR- wrote:
i wonder how many people will actually take time to read all of that...


Zvanokas wrote:
DriveR- wrote:
i wonder how many people will actually take time to read all of that...


I've installed the Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and i copy the client.dll and replaced this with my client.dll in my counter strike 1.6. and when i trying to join a server it's shut down my cs 1.6..

sorry for bad english.. help pl0x.


Rayqu wrote:
I've installed the Condition Zero Deleted Scenes and i copy the client.dll and replaced this with my client.dll in my counter strike 1.6. and when i trying to join a server it's shut down my cs 1.6..

sorry for bad english.. help pl0x.

ummmm when i'm trying to connect to a server or to play vs bots It does not respond.

i don't know what's the problem ..


thanks dude


2much information. -.-


w1p3r wrote:


pointXal wrote:
set your windows desktop resolution to 1024x768

stfu this guy "spleen" has right 100 % ... my recoil is also bad .. and i don't imagaine it

ill try it with cs , dlete scenes to replace this shit cilent


BogdaN_ wrote:
i cant read its so long >.
me to




I think that you guys are exaggerating. Instead of making some illogical conclusions about recoil based on different hardware parts just learn the basic things that matter about bullet registry and recoil.
1) Consistent 100fps (99-100), anything else ruins it
2) Net settings - rate 25000, cl_cmdrate 101, cl_updaterate 101, ex_interp 0.01
3) Viewsize 110/120. Keep to the value you started using, if you started with 110, stick with it or otherwise you'll experience a different recoil. (yeah, I tested again and again, and imo there's a difference in recoils/bullet registry with 110 or 120 viewsize)
4) The recoil it's meant to be random. There are like 5 recoil patterns for most weapons. Games like CoD/BF have recoil close to none and the recoil patterns are if not 1 or 2.


hahah good :D


okkk to long for me. :)




wish that they find a solution !!




yeah ;]]


Hi. I not connect megaupload .. please hotfile download link ?? please:S


nice post


BogdaN_ wrote:
i cant read its so long >.


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