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How can I find out how much DPI im using

i have an x7. and its on green which is at 800 dpi. but than theres the computer dpi. so how can i find out how much dpi im using ?


Only mice have DPI (Donts Per Inch) which is a measurement method to determine the speed of the mice.
If your mouse has 800 DPI then thats it nothing else


no but when i go land and set the standards of the digital arrow in the mouse settings on another computer the sensitivity is totally different. thats why im asking this. i have my mouse at 800 DPI but the PC dpi thats what im asking. how can i find out how much DPI im using in total


Having different sensitivities depends on the following things:
does your mouse have drivers, did you disable mouse acceleration, did you set the arrow sensitivity to the same settings as on your PC?


thanx all but not the answer to my question


no thats not it. i know how much im using depending on my x7, but than its the PC sensitivity, the one itself has... both of them combined how much i use, thats what i want to find out


only sensitivities i know off are:
Windows sensitivity
Mouse sensitivity
In-Game sensitivity
As i said before a PC has no DPI you may want to check if all sensitivities are the same as the ones you have at home on all PC's you are using youre mouse


k thanks. did that but somehow its still different in LAN


thanks for the bother. but that aint it


i know how much dpi im using if i depend on the mouse. but i dont know how much dpi im using with the current settings on the computer. i just want to know the exact dpi in numbers of my computer if its written anywhere


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