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ex_interp 1 or 0 ?

ex int 0.01


ex_interp 0.01 because the 0.1 is considered like aim i think
for example with AWP even if you don't hit him but you shoot near him he could die ^^


ex_interp 0.01 :D


0.01 or 0 on eps v2 v3


ex int 0.01


ex_interp 0.01


ex int 0.01


0.01 always


LukasVrabel wrote:
Lenin wrote:
e1ghtte wrote:
i have some trouble with ex_interp on my steam cs.When i set it on 0.01 ,next time i go in to a server write in console ex_interp ,i don't know why but it's always showing me 0.00005 these became to disturb me yesterday.

thanks all comment

ahm ii had same problem whe i turn off cs and turn on then ex intrep was 0.1 u need useconfig if u want i can send u and then it fine ... But it old topic LoLxD

nice pic xD




0.01 always !


always 0.01


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