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Best Gear !

What do you like most?;)


deathadder, mantis, pc350+ss usb soundcard


for me : IME 3.0, Heavy, Tarantula, SS Siberia v1


lachesis, qck+, siberia v2, 7g


deathadder, QPAD CT, siberia, arctosa :P


i like my Ikari I dont know why it gets a bad rap its a great mouse, always have my QCK+heavy always. Also I have had my SS (red) Siberia's for years love em. So I guess I am a Steel Series whore :)


steelseries siberia, razer diamondback 3g and a normal keyboard


ss siberia , 1.1 , any keyboard:-?? and ss qck


Microsoft 1.1SE , SteelSeries SP , Steelseries 7G , Sennheiser PC350


Microsoft 3.0 , SteelSeries SP , Steelseries 7G , Steelseries Siberia 5hv2


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