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Best Mousepad?

What is the best Mousepad gaming? .ROCCAT Adren Blue.


Nope, best is SS QcK edition, for me SS QcK Heavy!


qck heavy


razer goliathus control


QcK +


Razer goliathus control


QcK +


SteelSeries Qck


I got a Roccat Sense, but I really prefer an Everglide Titan Monstermat! :)


QCK+ for me


Too many topics like this one :(

Rzr Goliathus Control




The best mousepad ss qck heavy qck+ sk gaming editton


qck+ for me


MEFIUU wrote:
qck+ for me

same or qpad ct


bla bla bla.


ROCCAT sense




SteelSeries Qck


SteelSeries Qck


Kipz wrote:
QcK +




qck < goliathus


SteelSeries Qck+


No such thing...


Steelseries Qck


Cloth: PureTrak Talent
Plastic: SteelSeries 9HD


qck heavy


Razer Goliathus Control Edition!!! :D


Casal wrote:
SteelSeries Qck

qck FTW


mantis speed :)


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