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SteelSeries Siberia V1 vs V2

I use v1 , but i wanna know if v2 are better , and why .



I'm also useing v1 and I like it more than v2, cuz I like very much dissmonting mich which is really cool, and the sound is not so much better, IMO the sound isn't better at all it's same. So i would say v1 which i'm useing.


v1 better v2 its big and clumsily




Sky_Ice wrote:




so , i think i'm gonna use my v1.


I buy v2 and i wait :D


if u choose v2 , why u choose it ?


i have v2 these headset is best !






v2 for meh~!




Jo0ordan wrote:




v2 OFC




Proffs wrote:
SteelSeries Siberia V1

agree :b


SteelSeries Siberia V2


the sound is the same, but v2 its more comfortable than v1.
Steelseries v1 with USB souncard ftw ;)


w1p3r wrote:








v2 ...


v2 ofc


miezuuu wrote:
v2 ofc :D mic and cap


But, what is the best, V1 with the 7.1 soundcard or the V2 (no soundcard) ?
Because i have a friend selling a v1 with soundcard 60€ and the price is the same than v2 with no soundcard.


Simple, if u dont have money buy v1, if u have money buy v2, siberia v2 is better than v1 of course, more confortable and have micr ;)


i used v1 for 4 years, switched to v2 and i gotta say v1 definitely. the thing that i dont like the most is that your head heats up quite fast with v2. also dont like the sounds


Its easy ofc v2.


Use v1, do not want to use v2. the best variant is : steelseries inear


v2 for meh !!




v2 i guess


I`m using monster beats, siberia is not good headset, but if i need choose from v1 to v2, it will be v1 :P
Sorry for bad engl


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